Welcome New Patients!

New Patient Paperwork

Click here to download our new patient paperwork. Please print it off, fill it out completely, and bring it with you to your appointment.


What To Expect At Your Appointment

Step 1:  Consultation/ Examination

Your consultation will allow you and Dr. Butler to get to know each other and discuss your health concerns. Then, one of our Chiropractic Technicians trained to evaluate your flexibility, strength, balance and coordination of your muscles and joints will have you perform several stress free tests.

These tests will aid Dr. Butler in determining if chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition.

Step 2:  X-Ray Studies

Your specific condition may require the use of x-rays to obtain a full view of your spinal condition. You, like most, will be amazed that you can actually “see” your own misalignments that cause you pain and limited mobility.

Step 3: Findings Report

Dr. Butler will review your physical tests along with your x-rays. Since Dr. Butler performs a “line analysis” which involves over 41 lines and 23 angles to specifically locate displaced vertebra, which can take several hours, a second appointment is necessary to go over them with you. During this appointment, Dr. Butler will go over his findings of what is actually causing your problems, and determine if we can get you back to your optimal health.


Phases of Care

Phase 1: Addressing Your Health Problem

Most people who come to Dr. Butler are in pain. His first objective is to lessen it and make you feel better. Adjustments made in the office will help your spine to be re-aligned coupled with a specific exercise program designed just for you. Depending on your condition, typical care is 2-3 times a week for 4-10 weeks.

Phase 2: Rehabilitative / Preventive Care

Once the outward signs of the problem have been addressed, the obvious question is “would you be willing to take the additional steps to strengthen and stabilize your health so that the problem that caused you to consult us would be less likely to return?”

During this phase, your soft tissue and muscles will be healing and getting comfortable with their new proper alignment. In order to maintain your new posture, you will be seen approximately 4-8 times per month for typically 6-24 month depending upon your initial condition.

Phase 3: Maintenance Care

Patients, who have worked towards stability and strength, find their overall health also improves, they want to maintain it.

We make the analogy of a gym, what would you need to do to maintain weight loss after you have achieved it? The answer is to keep doing everything you did to accomplish your objective in order to prevent the problem from returning. Maintenance in this office is almost always at a reduced frequency of visits than either correction or prevention.

Phase 4: Wellness Care

We offer the Eat Well- Move Well-Think Well; Innate Lifestyle Program. This program allows you to achieve your ideal body weight and fitness, maximize your health and healing capacity, along with maximizing your ability to prevent illness. You receive a comprehensive evaluation of your current wellness and prevention status which allows you to see exactly where you are in terms of you potential for health and your susceptibility to illness. Ask us during your visits for more details on how to enroll.