Patient Reviews

I’m Having Great Results!

“I suffered from sciatic nerve pain for years that became so severe that normal chiropractic care wasn’t working anymore for me. I was referred to Century Chiropractic and learned more about the Lordex spinal decompression, an it’s been working for me! I’ve got a lot more energy, I can go on my long walks like I used to do, and I’m having great results!”

Kris S.

I Can Work With No Pain!

“For 10 years I suffered from back pain. I would sleep in bed for 2-3 hours, and the pain would be so bad I would have to spend the rest of the night in a recliner. The pain and lack of sleep was affecting my health and ability to work on my dairy farm. Then I heard about Lordex, and I decided to try it. Dr. Dave and the staff really do a great job. Now I’m able to get any work done with no pain, and I highly recommend Lordex”

Donnie M.

Back Pain Controlled My Life…

“A year ago, back pain did control my life, but not anymore. Because of lumber decompression therapy at the Century Chiropractic Center, I have no pain or complications. I continue with simple at home exercises and stop in for an occasional adjustment. Give it a try and you’ll know why I chose this option.”


Ceil K.

From Extreme Pain To No Pain

“I had an accident on my four wheeler. Because of the severe pain that followed, even breathing was unbearable. My grandmother told me about Lordex. I came in as a level 10 patient, and after 9 weeks of therapy and treatments, I am now pain free, back to work, and happy to be at level 1.”


Jake S.

Low Back Pain For 15 Years Is GONE!

“Pain in my low back started 15 years ago. Lifting and moving patients also added stress. Finally, surgery was recommended. I felt hopeless. What if surgery didn’t work? Could I take time off from work? Then I tried Lordex. Dr. Butler found the areas that needed strengthening and restoration. They were so helpful in working around my work schedule. After only 3 weeks, the pain in my back and legs was gone. My relief is L-O-R-D-E-X!”


Jeanette B.

We Noticed A Difference In Only 2 Weeks!

“My husband Kenny suffered with low back pain for almost a year. We were told that if he chose surgery, another would follow in 5 years, which we didn’t want. We were then referred to Dr. David Butler. After only two weeks we noticed a remarkable improvement. He continues simple exercises at home to strengthen his back and we are now both enjoying life once again.”


Joan R.

 My Severe Back Pain Is Gone!

“I’m here to tell you that the Lordex procedure works. I injured my back during a construction job. The pain was unbearable. Beginning with 3 numb toes on my right foot which led to half of my right foot being completely numb. The radiating pain down my leg from my lower back was unbearable. I was told surgery would correct this along with a long recovery. I couldn’t afford to be off work that long and I didn’t want the surgery, but something had to be done.
I heard about Lordex on the radio at the Century Chiropractic Center and had to find out more. The six mile trip to the center was the most painful trip I have ever taken, because the only way I felt no pain was to lie flat on my back. The Lordex procedure took the pressure off the disc which was pinching my nerve and strengthened and healed the muscles.

You should see me now. I can sit, walk, and stand with no pain. And I’m easing back into my everyday work schedule. Lordex works and I highly recommend it .”

Dan M.

My Pain Has Decreased Substantially

“At 45 year old, I’ve suffered severe Hip & Leg pain for almost more than a year….been through Physical Therapy, Cortisone Injections & even Surgery for a herniated disc.

Nothing seemed to help & extraordinary PAIN was taking over my life, not only physically, but also mentally & emotionally. I felt I had nowhere else to turn until I heard of the Lordex Decompression Treatment. Apprehensive at first about receiving chiropractic care, I decided I had to give this Lordex thing a try.

Dr. Dave & staff are GREAT!! They made me feel comfortable from the start and answered questions and educated me through the entire process. My pain has decreased substantially, my concentration is much better, and I feel like I am on the road to a longer & healthier life.

Thumb’s up to Dr. Dave & his staff for giving me the opportunity to have a LORDEX experience!”

Judy R.

My Care Has Been Life Changing!

“My family doctor told me to check out the Lordex system at Century Chiropractic for my leg and lower back pain. I had heard the ads for Lordex but didn’t want to go to a chiropractor until now. I just finished my Lordex treatments and my pain level is at zero to one. Not only am I out of pain, I’ve also seen a positive change with other health concerns. It really is life changing.”


Julie H.

Feel The Difference Without Surgery

“In 1990 I was involved in a car accident. After months of therapy and rehab I still had severe low back pain, leg numbness, inability to function normally, or even work. After receiving treatments from Century Chiropractic Center, I’m now 90% better. To those out there who are suffering you will definitely see and feel a difference, without having to take medications or have surgery when you get help from Century Chiropractic.”


Lois F.