Services and Techniques

Chiropractic Care

Your brain and nervous system coordinates and controls everything in your body through the spinal nerves that exit the spinal column. When the nervous system or spinal cord is compromised it can lead to disease and illness.

As only your body can heal itself, our purpose is to remove the barriers to your healing ability without drugs or surgery by adjusting your spine and other areas of the body.  Whereby, the pressure on your nervous system and spine are brought back to normal, eliminating your pain.


The Pettibon System

We use one of the most scientific system approaches developed, called Pettibon, which is a postgraduate level of chiropractic education. The system uses x-ray procedures that ensure exact diagnosis, assess progress and prove treatment effectiveness. Coupled with your x-rays, the system tests your ability to respond to care and teaches you home care exercises for faster correction and healing.

The scientific logic and compelling proof of its results will make it impossible for you to go back to conventional chiropractic care or any other non-scientifically proven therapy.


Rehabilitative Therapy

Our treatments include adjustments by hand and also with one or more mechanical instruments for precise application of correcting forces. Use of these tools help realign the vertebrae of your spine.


Spinal Decompression

In 2001, we were the first provider in Central Minnesota to add “real” spinal decompression. The Lordex Spinal Decompression mechanical system allows us to help patients that are scheduled for surgery or who have had unsuccessful surgeries.

In many cases, the system can produce long-term pain relief by actually correcting the problem of a herniated, bulging, or “slipped” disc.


Innate Lifestyle Program

You are offered one of the most advanced and internationally recognized step-by-step daily plans for a Lifetime of better health, better energy, better happiness and a better, longer life.

The Innate Lifestyle Program makes health easy, by educating, coaching, inspiring, and empowering you to choose a lifestyle which maximizes your individual potential for health, happiness, and vitality. We provide and allow you to monitor your progress to achieve your health potential.


Corrective Exercises

You will be instructed in specific office and at home exercises to speed recovery, stabilize the spine, rehabilitate soft tissue, which will reduce the number of your office visits.

Regularly scheduled exams monitor your progress as well as to modify adjusting and exercise procedures, which result in you becoming healthier faster and staying healthy longer.

You will find that you will want to continue these exercises long after your visits to arrest and reverse the negative effects your job, recreational activities and the life style you may have.